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Ajwa dates are the most favorite food of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W). These are the unique kind of dates which are from Madina, the most beneficial and wholesome for the body and mental health. It is truly a ‘fruit of paradise’ as it reaps lots of health benefits.

اپنا آرڈر بک کروائیں

    About Ajwa Dates

    There are many kinds of Dates that are currently in the market, but the most expensive and the most enriched with nutrients is Ajwa It is said that the first ever tree of ajwa was planted by the last Holy prophet P.B.U.H It is not just a Dates but a meal in iteself and hence it was the last prophet P.B.U.H. favorite meal which is Easily digested: Dates are extremely easy to eat, which is especially important for people who buy post-Ramadan meal Palm and Rich in fiber: Every date has about 1.6 grams of fiber, or about 5% of your daily value. The soluble fiber found in dates promotes healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels. There are plenty of other nutrients found in dates, including, copper, vitamin B, manganese, iron, riboflavin, vitamin K and more. Basically, dates contain at least small amounts of almost every mineral that is essential to your daily diet. The levels of potassium, magnesium and copper found in dates can account for between eight and ten percent of your daily value.

    Benifits of Ajwa Dates

    Eliminates dryness of the mouth.

    Useful for respiratory problems and heart diseases.

    Urinary obstruction eases it.

    Eliminates chronic constipation.

    Used in the treatment of liver, bladder, leaves and intestines.

    Heals wounds very quickly.

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